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Quick Summary

Our primary aim is ‘to inspire and motivate young people to reach their highest potential’. We set out to do so by delivering projects in relation to our model.

The BISCEY Model

Our model has been created through our experiences of growing up in South London and is comprised of the obstacles impeding personal development and academic performance.

Ending with the word ‘YOU’, we recognise that for change to be truly made, the individual must take it upon his or herself to do so – effectively, we are handing back the baton.

  • B – Behaviour
  • I – Internalisation
  • S – Self-esteem
  • C – Careers
  • E – Empowerment
  • Y – YOU

Who are we?

Project BISCEY was started by a group of 11 young people from South London, aged between 18 and 20, who came together because they share an aspiration: For all young people to excel and experience positive personal development despite their socio-economic circumstances.

Why we came together?

Many youngsters, especially 11-16 year olds, are not exposed to positive people a few years ahead of them who have been on the same journey and come from the same beginnings, so it is often hard for them to see themselves being successful.

While growing up, the Project BISCEY team have all inevitably faced many of the difficulties youngsters in Southwark come across today, but have come out the other side and grown into successful young people. For this reason we believe we are strong role models for young people in South London!

Despite the similarity of the team’s backgrounds, our career paths and experiences are incredibly diverse. The Project BISCEY team is made up of a wide spectrum: from university students, media moguls, aspiring bankers and property developers to fashion designers and budding entrepreneurs.

We are keen to unearth the steps people can take to greatness, because sometimes it isn't always clear.

What do we do?

Project BISCEY runs a flagship careers orientated project yearly - primarily in the summer. Also, we support other groups in line with our views and aims. For instance: 


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